About Us

Do you get irritated when it comes to searching movie show time information online?

It is frustrating to know that Movie Showtime and Ticket Rates information of theaters of Ahmedabad is completely scattered over the Internet. Going from one multiplex website to another and looking for the best show timings with optimum tickets rates is painful and time consuming, isn't it?

In fact, don't you think in this online world you should have a single source from where you can get such information instantly?

As an internet addict's we had faced the same issue. We got stuck on Internet while finding movie show time information, because either the multiplex's show time information was not available on the internet or if available the ticket rates were not available, so ultimately we were left with calling multiplex's and asking the same information.

We believe that simply telling Movie Show Time is not enough, one should also be told its Ticket Rates, after all we are Gujarati and more than anything else Money matters us the most, right?

So, we zeroed that a website is required, which can provide instant movie show time and ticket rates information of all the theaters of Ahmedabad, and which can eliminate the painful process of finding movie showtime information online.

And hence flickstime.com was born.

We are pleased to announce you that this is the only website which provides most precise and updated information of movie show imings and ticket rates of all the theaters of Ahmedabad,Gandhinagar,Vododara.

We are sure that there are many friends of yours waiting to know about this website, so I request you to kindly share with them flickstime.com and make their life great.