9 Illegal things you should do once in your lifetime!

The following post is inspired by a similar reddit thread! We simply spooked out the some of the best replies for you, hope you will enjoy it.

1) Skinny Dipping (Swim Naked)


Everyone should have a good skinny dipping story. BUT let it happen spontaneously


2) Urban Exploration

urban exploration

Exploring the areas which are prohibited is something you should do atleast once in your lifetime.

Also, when you do this take a camera with you. If you do get caught, police / law enforcement will be a lot more friendly to you if you are an innocent photographer, rather than just ‘exploring’.

3) Kiss in Public Place

kiss in public - richard gere kissing shipa sheety


Kiss is an intimidating thing! But hell yeah its worth doing in public once in a life time! #let the world #envy 🙂

4) Breaking the Red Light Traffic Signal



Wanna boost your ego? Break the Red Light Traffic Signal! Although you might want to check out that you don’t do it when lots of police is around!

5) Driving Faster then Speed Limit

speed limit


We all do this. I think for us Speed limit is nothing but a minimum speed limit.

6) Touching the Items which says “Do NOT Touch Them”


One of the best activity. Touching the items which says ” Do Not Touch”. Haven’t done this – visit a nearby museum.


7) Parking at “No Parking Zone”


8) Driving without License


9) Traveling in a Public Transport (BRTS/AMTS/Railway)  without a ticket



What’s your favorite?


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