Mr. X Movie Review

Quick Rating: 1 Click out of 5 (Well, just because typing half click seems boring for it.)

Quick Verdict: Mr. X will make your money, time and senses invisible. Stupid plot, stupider sequences and stupidest acting.

Dialogues: Well we speak better in our day to day life.

Quick Review:

It is not just boring, because that still could have been excused, the worst part is that the filmmakers thinks that the audience believes whatever they show.

Be it the Mumbai police vehicles at a foreign location or the tele transportation capability of the lead actress that she phase shifts between Mumbai and the foreign location. (:D)

You loose interest from the first shot itself but then Tanmay Bhat’s(AIB Fame) entry gives you a hope that something will be good, ALAS! He disappoints more than Emraan hashmi does.

You might get desperate to see Emraan invisible atleast for 10 seconds at a stretch but no need to get hopes high.

The visual effects are something that disappoint a lot and forcing you to think that 3 decade old Mr India had better effects.

Go: If you are a die hard fan of Emraan Hashmi because after this you might cease to be so.

No: If you really want your faith in bollywood to be unmoved and intact because this will shake and break it.


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