Movie Review: Fast & Furious 7

Fast and Furious 7 cars

Quick Rating: 3.5 Clicks out of 5

Quick Verdict: If you are a Die hard fan of F&F franchise and haven’t missed even a single part, definitely see it as it is an apt conclusion. 


It is the One Last Ride , a tribute to Paul Walker.

No matter what, it’s safe to say that this entirely acceptable retooling of the franchise makes for a satisfying experience for those who enjoy four-wheeled chases, hot bodies, hot cars, and a tall dose of tough-guy machismo.

The plot continues from post credit scenes of the sixth installment:

Jason Stathom is out to take revenge but no matter how much promising it looked in the post credit scene, the real action from Jason Statham fails to tantalize your senses.  

Unlike Owen Shaw, his elder brother doesn’t give that menacing feel. More so, because of the urge to show various locations all over the world or to unnecessarily stretch the action scenes, you lose the plot and the logic, somewhere in the first 20 minutes..

The action is high on adrenaline, the stunts defy all laws of physics and automobile engineering, yet breathtaking and the cinematography takes the cake.


The characters are highly under used and the chemistry between them is not allowed to sink in or settle down, just when you are about to feel something, one or the other dies.

Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) comes, goes and again comes back, Roman Pearce (Tyrese Gibson) scores full marks as a humor element and Tej parker (Ludacris) aptly replaces Han in the team.

The chemistry between Dom and Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) is superp. Full Marks to Vin Diesel’s message to Paul Walker.

In all, it is a cocktail version of all 6 previous parts, with a dash of “Mission Impossible” (the middle east location, the stunts and déjà vu of Anil Kapoor)

If you are a die-hard fan of the F&F franchise and have not missed even a single part, definitely see it as it is an apt conclusion and the moving on where Dom and Brian Go separate ways – Well Literally! 

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