Movie Review: Hunterrr

Flickstime Hunterrr-movie-review-rating-Taran-adarsh-Rajeev-Anupama

Genre: Drama

Director: Harshavardhan Kulkarni

Quick Rating: 2.5 Clicks out of 5

Verdict: Absolute One time Watch! It’s sex-com with a deep message! Forces you to relate and think… Hitting Below the belt.

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The story line is common, the angle is different! 

The similarities are between the movie and your personal experiences, to a certain extent. The teenage fantasies growing into an adult obsession, this Harshvardhan Kulkarni movie will relate, on more than naught occasions.

Many would write off this movie as desperate and sleazy, but then there is a different angle to it. Stories are told to children, so that they can grasp the moral fast.

Hunterrr is presented sleazy because that’s what attracts, but then it leaves a strong message – a portrayal of reality of the relationships that has changed drastically over the years.

This “A’ certified movie lives up to the expectations of the trailer – a sex comedy caper that would burn the screen with steamy scenes, well thanks to Censor board, “Celibacy” is well celebrated and even makes you feel respectful towards “Savita Bhabhi” (pun intended).

For the generation (or mentality) that is one version older, you might find the idea a bit too “liberating”, but then janam- janam ka saath trend is changing and as Hunterrr shows – at a very fast pace.

All in all, a good watch for those who will be able to relate and a fun sex-comedy/ emotional drama/ OMG! and Is this for real? Moments for those who can’t.

I would give 2.5 Clicks for this Flick. 



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  1. Biplav

    I was thinking to drop this movie. Thanks to your review. I am going to give it a take now…

  2. Mehul

    I also have watched the movie. Your blog has described the story in such a manner so that every people can have an idea of a movie. A good movie though time pass movie more. 3/5 stars from my side. 🙂

  3. Abhishek

    Nice write up,
    Coming out of phantom productions, I thought it would be good on content, but reviews are very micws

  4. prachi

    Nice one…generally all reviews have almost same content but this one was helpful..

  5. Jainish

    Nice write up. That was really good and extremely helpful. Good work.